The Worldwide Lexicon is an open source collaborative translation platform. It is similar to systems like Wikipedia, and combines machine translation with submissions from volunteers and professional translators. WWL is a translation memory, essentially a giant database of translations, which can be embedded in almost any website or web application. Our mission is to eliminate the language barrier for interesting websites and articles, by enabling people to create translation communities around their favorite webites, topics or groups.


In addition to publishing free, open source software for translation, we offer a wide variety of hosting and consulting services to customers including:

Turnkey, hosted translation solutions for business websites
Translation community solutions, where your own readers translate your website
Custom software development services
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Developer Zone

Welcome to the worldwide lexicon developers zone. The WWL project is a collaborative, open source initiative to build a global dictionary and semantic network that will be accessible to any Internet device.

The WWL system is built upon open standards, specifically XML, SOAP, and Jabber instant messaging. The lexicon will be accessible to any device or application that can use the SOAP interface. With a few lines of code, any application will be able to tap into this global dictionary and thesaurus. The contents of the lexicon will be public domain, and will be accessible via the SOAP interface, and as master indices for use in offline applications.

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Developer Tutorials

  • Definition XML Format
  • Distributed Computing Topologies (Oreilly & Associates)
  • General Purpose Dictionary Services
  • Jabber instant messaging client
  • Software Design Guidelines – Data Entry Clients
  • WWL SOAP Interface Specification
  • WWL Server Implementation Guidelines

Recommended Reading

  • Sequencing the Human Menome
  • Worldwide Lexicon Introduction

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