GNUTrans – Distributed Document Translation

GNUTrans is an exciting new experiment in distributed human computing. Inspired by the SETI@Home project, GNUTrans will translate breaking news, webpages and other time sensitive content into many languages. GNUTrans enlists human translators to translate texts to and from many languages.

GNUTrans is inspired by other distributed computing projects, except that instead of tapping idle CPUs to crunch numbers, GNUTrans taps idle instant messaging users to translate short texts or to score the translations posted by other users.

This sounds ambitious, but the system is actually simple. GNUTrans takes a web document and slices it into many small texts (typically just a few sentences per text). The system then uses instant messaging to send each small text to a human translator who then replies with a translation (or a score if the user is being asked to score someone else’s work). The translated texts are then stitched together to form a completed translation which is then published on the web for the rest of the world to read.

We are planning to begin beta testing the system in December 2002. If you are bilingual, and would like to participate in the test, please join the GNUTrans announcement list to learn more.

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