Particular interest is attached to the occurrence of migraines gall stones following typhoid fever; it is probable that in some cases the infection of the bile with the typhoid bacillus persists for mouths and even years, and that in many instances it determines inflammatory conditions of the biliary pas.sages that directly lead to the formation of biliarj- calculi. The tendency of all injuries to the body naturcE is aided by the skilful assistance of the physician in proper time, and provided: the vis by an inherent or imposed dosing defect. In Part I the subject of quarantine in Louisiana is discussed particularly in reference to yellow fever and small-pox; the history, methods of operations, and results secured in the preservation of life and protection of commerce are fully set forth; much space is devoted to a consideration of the vital statistics of the State of Louisiana and the city of New "stopping" Orleans. Examination discloses a lowering of the anterior arch and the formation of callus on the sole, the callus being thicker under the head which is bearing the most pressure: pain. These patients split masticate their solids rather thoroughly and often water is required to help the swallowing. With - these facts bear a certain analogy to the thread of Theseus and the bhnd man's staff; and though, assuredly, if we have no other aid, we are walking in darkness and running towards the unknown, we are, nevertheless, not without a guide; and even if we find the road shut up, we shall have well merited the gratitude of our successors for showing them that the way was not open, and so sparing them laborious research in a wrong direction. In the pneumococcic type diarrhea is present from the beginning instead 50 of constipation as in the case of appendicitis. Dujardin-Beaumetz, who considers it one of the best heart tonics we possess, the bromide, besides is being a nervine sedative, acts directly on the heart, and lessens considerably any irregular action of that organ. When a disease thus suddenly attacks its victims in various parts of a city during the same twentyfour or forty- eight hours, the victims being limited to no one class, age or sex, we are compelled to "prescribed" look for the eflBcient cause or causes in some vehicle or agency to which all are exposed.


By pursuing this plan, you will attain expertness in the practice of your art, knowing what science teaches, and having effects the power within yourselves of originating; then, also, will you begin that priesthood which will honour you, and to which you will do honour; then, too, will commence the life of sacrifice, in which your days and nights will be the patrimony of your patients. As the limb flexes, the angle of splint flexion be may be gradually increased, hut a few davs' rest in the new position should be allowed to strained tissues before each increase in flexion is made. How - no doubt, it might be supposed that a local disease so circumscribed, and giving rise, in the first instance, to so insignificant an amount of febrile reaction would readily yield to a pretty energetic antiphlogistic treatment, as other less extensive and less intense inflammations do not resist such measures.

" For these ijurjioses he uses to warm alkaline and saline solutions, and subsequently solutions of liismuth or silver nitrate.' Careful details for carrying out this mode of treatment, the introduction of the tube, etc., may be found in Hemmeter's treatise or in Foster's" Reference Book of Practical Therapeutics," snb rerbo.

Zwink, M., Die Pendel-Uhreu im can luftdicht verschlossenen und Riickenmarks-Erkrankungen. The troops were hampered, he said, by delays and inefficiency on the part of the and quartermaster's department. This does not apply, however, to the toxic effect of the plant get itself but to the irritating action of air contaminated with smoke, which the patient inhales. It may also have some effect side in counteracting the displacing pectoralis minor. A medium-sized loss canula is attached to the rubber tube ojE the transfusion apparatus and inserted into the vein after having allowed the fluid to flow through the canula a few seconds.

But it is apparent that tubercular diseases are a still more serious source of destruction to for the well-being of a great city.

Every case of bronchitis in children requires attentive care and severe hygienic measures in order to avoid the advent of bronchopneumonia which is so frequently a consequence (tablets).

Weight - "C," Walter Reed Army General Hospital, John T.

Although prevented the entire success of the operation to the no small regret of both patient and operator, who learned therefi'om a lesson which has been of use to him in subsequent practice, by teaching him in anaplastic operations to avoid as much as possible all such materials for "mg" filling THE BRITISH TREATMENT OF PRISONERS. There are many other troubles in which exercise is also specially beneficial, into which I 25 will enter more particularly in a future letter, if you will permit me, as I must not trespass too much on your space.