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If the fracture is down on the leg set the broken bone to its place and have a long, starch bandage (which is a bandage soaked in starch and then wrung out as dry as "cheap" possible), roll the bandage around the fractured leg letting it go two or three inches above and below the fracture, wrap it moderately tight and hold the leg and bandage straight until the bandage hardens. One end was attached to the vulvo- vaginal surface, the other was free (chloride).

When the effusion has taken place, mustard plasters or iodine, producing slight counter-irritation, appear useful, generic particularly in the later stages.


The book may be honestly trade recommended to both students and practitioners. Under daily) the records show a weekly diminution of a (luarter to half an inch in the circumference of the Sepoys' necks, and when the treatment ceases the gland again increases in size (patch).

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