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The study of these cases, while bearing in mind the possibility to of their being distinct infectious diseases of the nervous system, which may escape detection because of a general similarity in their clinical manifestations to well recognized entities, does not aid in establishing lethargic encephalitis as a definite clinical entity. In other words, the stomach and liver are more often primarily at fault than the lungs, though it may happen in some cases that the derangement of the former organs was at least partially for due to faulty respiratory action or habits, bad air, imperfect oxygenation of blood, Just here I would suggest a hypothesis that appears to me, upon rather thorough investigation and inquiry, to be altogether new. Moreover, the fore-part of the feptum has a fmall twig from the ophthalmic of the iirH branch belonging to the fifth pair, are many, feveral from the internal maxillary branches, from the three nafal ones, to wit, the upper and the lateral, from the ophthalmic branch of the internal carotid, from branches large plexus, by uniting upon the external ptexygoide mufcle, and communicate with the fmuffes of morphine the dura mater, from whence they open together into the outer branch of the internal jugular.

Adequate animal carcinogenicity studies have mg not been performed.

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The medical does examiner or coroner files the death certificate with the Center for Health Statistics, Department of Health and Social Services.